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       A Chinese language acquisition program for Howard County -  enhanced with fitness, academics and the arts.

        with private bus transportation at dismissal  from select public elementary schools during the school year.

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Newly enrolled students who wish to settle their tuition account:


You may pay your tuition online as follows:


1 - Check your email inbox for a welcome email from Club Express. This email provides your log in information which includes a USER ID (usually the student's first initial and last name with no spaces) and a PASSWORD (usually an autogenerated 4-6 digit code.) Note, the password may be customized by you for ease of use after you log in.


2 - With your USER ID and PASSWORD in hand, log in via the "Log In" link located in the upper right corner of the webpage. 

3 - This will enable your "Profle" button - also in the upper right corner of the webpage. Click on "Profile."


4 - This will open your Profile Page which will reflect a "Payment" link in your "Membership Summary" box (if you have a payment due.) 


5 - Click on the "Payment" link and follow the screen instructions to make a secure payment via credit card. 


Please call the office if you have difficulties - Office 443-546-3460  - Thank you!